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20:30 uur
€ 18,75

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deel deze voorstelling

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Diederik is a dutch comedian with british roots. His comedy is absurd and dark and silly.


Manchild is a funny and relatable stand-up comedy show by Diederik Zuurmond, winner of the first English Comedy Talent Festival. In this hour-long performance, Diederik shares his experiences and insights on the challenges of growing up. He contemplates whether to fully embrace adulthood or continue to put off responsibilities for as long as he can. It's a show that will have you laughing and relating to every moment.


Jury verdict of the English Comedy Talent Festival:


‘His self-deprecating jokes are a testament to his sharp comedic mind, effortlessly weaving personal experiences into hilarious anecdotes. Diederik's ability to keep you focused and engaged throughout his set is truly impressive!’


A drink after the show is included!